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Celeb Source

So it is official. Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard are officially broken up. All the orange juiceors started around the time of the Golden Globes last January, but the orange juiceors had already been building up. The breakup in now official though, and apparently it was mutual.

While they may be broken up, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard will costar together later this year in the upcoming remake of Straw Dogs. The couple was originally seen together in 2009, and soon after were “officially” dating. In an interview earlier this year with PEOPLE, Kate Bosworth said that Alexander Skarsgard was, “a wonderful, wonderful man,” and added, “I adore him.” But when pressed further, she quickly responded by saying, “That’s a minefield, man! I’m not stepping into that. I’ve learned too well from being on that road.”

Well, for now, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard are single, but we’ll see how long it is before they are back on the celeb blogs with juicy dating gossip.

During an interview for V Magazine, Anna Paquin of “True Blood,” ( Sookie) talks about sex scenes with her husband Stephen Moyer who plays: “Vampire Bill Compton” in “True Blood.” Some of us may find that her steamy sex scenes with her husband might be weird and maybe awkward, however, Anna Paquin stated: “Maybe it should be weird, simulating sex with your husband in front of people? But it’s really not. When it’s a love scene with someone you actually love, there’s no feeling like, ‘Can I touch him here? Can I touch him there?’ You know what your boundaries are – or what they aren’t, I suppose.”

Anna Paquin is a young woman that’s absolutely confident about her sexuality and in past interviews she’s even mentioned that she’s more comfortable doing sex scenes completely naked rather than doing scenes in which she’s wearing tiny shorts that are often uncomfortable.

Anna Paquin has a rather long threshold when it comes to boundaries. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer got married last August after dating for quite sometime. Anna Paquin doesn’t feel jealousy for fans that throw themselves at her husband, on the other hand she finds it rather amusing. Anna Paquin said: “There’s probably something wrong with me, but I find it amusing to watch these men and women fawn all over (Moyer). It’s not like anyone’s really trying to do anything inappropriate. They just want him to hug them … or bite them.”

Anna Paquin is also, openly bisexual. She revealed this very detail in 2010 during a PSA campaign for “Give a Damn” which show cased celebrities speaking out for equality…

Anna Paquin stated: “Frankly, no one had ever asked me before. My sexuality is something I’m completely comfortable with and open about. Who people choose to sleep with – or spend their lives with – shouldn’t matter.”

Anna Paquin is definitely a breath of fresh air, she’s incredibly gorgeous and she gets to star in the best HBO series in a really long time: True Blood!