Celeb Source

Celeb Source

Jennifer Lopez aka JLo is no new name in the game. In fact, it’s a name that has ran across head lines for longer then I can even remember anymore. She has both blown up the scenes and taken time to lay back enjoy family life. However, since her release from her estranged husband, Marc Anthony she’s ready to take the lead and get her name back in everyones mouth.

JLo has been a busy woman this year. She is working on everything from her music career to her new kohl’s clothing line to a couple different TV shows, including American Idol and Repo Games and even a movie role in “Parker” with possibilities of others. JLo’s single “On The Floor” was one of her biggest hits yet and her 2011 album Love has been a hit. She is said to be releaseing an album in 2012 of a mixture of her hit songs.

A question on everyone’s mind; Jennifer Lopez and William Levy Dating? Even though the announcement of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorce was today Friday July 15; there are already orange juiceors that Jennifer Lopez New Love Interest.

This new love is supposedly William Levy, telenovela star, whom she filmed with in her “I’m Into You” video. The biggest coincidence is that Levy and his wife, Mexican actress Elizabeth Gutierrez, have also separated. Is there a direct link between both marriages falling apart? When this was asked to the source, all the source could say was, “I really can’t comment on that.”

A source also told press, “Not to jump to any conclusion….I think this is just about a marriage falling apart for other reasons after seven years.”

With comments like that from a source you can only assume that this marriage might have been on the rocks for awhile and Jennifer has apparently moved on already with her love life. We all wonder what Marc Anthony and Elizabeth Gutierrez are thinking. Maybe those two would get together. It could be your typical celebrity trade off of spouses.