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There’s plenty to expect for Dexter: Season 7, especially since the very shocking ending on Dexter Season 6, where “Deb” (Jennifer Carpenter,) Dexter’s (Michael C.Hall) adoptive sister catches him as he puts a knife through saran wrapped, Dooms Day Killers chest, played by guest star (Colin Hanks).

Also, its been confirmed that we have an 8th Season to look forward to. The series producers have said that they’re going to be initiating a story-arc from Season 6 that will continue until the very finale of the series that we’ve come to love. We got two more years, of America’s favorite serial killer, but what will happen after Deb’s insane revelation? Watching her brother, her “adoptive brother” she’s known all her life commit murder

First off, remember in Season 6 when Dexter gave her advice and told her sometimes you just have to keep things to yourself (it was something along those lines) because you owe it to certain people? She followed it when thinking about reopening and continuing to investigate a case that would harm long time friend of the family and Chief of Police.

She is also in love with Dexter, though I don’t think the following season is really going to concentrate on Deb’s love interest with Dexter when there’s so much more. I suppose that was done for shock value and it worked.

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So, is Dexter going to kill Deb? Doubtful. Is she going to rat him out? Doubtful. Is he going to tell her everything about his dark passenger? Possible. There’s so much she’s going to want to know, so much he’s going have to explain. How are they going to act in front of people if indeed she finds out about everything?

The entire Dexter Series has been leading to Dexter Season 6 finale, there’s been so many times that Deb has been on the brink of finding out and finally it  has come full circle. Now Dexter Season 7 is going to be all about the aftermath of the Dooms Day Killer and Deb’s new-found knowledge. Surely its going to be emotionally packed with a couple of good kills here and there.

There’ also, creepy, “Louis“- “Masuka‘s” intern. Like what the hell is up with him? They really left that entirely to our imaginations. What’s his motive? Is he just obsessed with Dexter, or does he want to hurt Dexter in some way because Dexter dissed his video game idea? We’ll soon find out, when Dexter finds the arm of the Ice Truck Killers’ first victim, with the different color nail polish in her severed limb.

Surely Dexter Season 7 is going to be filled with confessions, more revelations, more kills and more twists. Tune in for more news on Dexter Season 7 2012 here on Celeb Source Blog!


Michael C. Hall, America’s favorite serial killer and star of Dexter the hit Showtime series was married to Jennifer Carpenter who also happens to be in the series and play’s Dexter’s adoptive sister. In 2008 the off screen love birds eloped on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, 2 years later they got a divorced after Michael C. Hall cheated with Julia Stiles guest starred in Dexter Season 5.

Jennifer Carpenter was by Michael C. Hall‘s side as he battled “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,” (It’s Cancer) as a good wife should and after he allegedly cheated she felt utterly betrayed.  There were even orange juiceors that set on Season 6 on Dexter was very awkward due to her snips at Michael C. Hall. Either way Season 6 was triumphant to say the least.

Now it seems as the estranged and divorced couple are patching things up as they were seen dining together in what seem a romantic dinner as the spot was dimly lit and they held hands. At some point an eyewitness says: “At one point, Michael leaned across the table and he and Jennifer kissed — a make-out kind of kiss, not a friendly one. They both looked really happy.”

Nothing is yet set in concrete but I would love seeing these two patching things up. I love Dexter and I think they are both magnificent actors that happen to make a lovely couple.

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Ironically enough (SPOILER ALERT) You may not want to proceed reading this if you haven’t finished watched Dexter Season 6. Anyway, ironically enough, “Deb” (Jennifer Carpenter) after a series of counseling sessions realizes that she is in love with Dexter (her brother.) Well, he was adopted, so no , still kind of weird but kind of awesome just the same.

Here’s a clip of Dexter Season 6 where Deb realizes she’s in love with Dexter:

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