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Celeb Source

Superficial and phony songstress, Taylor Swift was dressed all in red as she made an appearance to “Good Morning America” to promote her new album “Red.” I suppose she fancies herself clever but she’s nothing but clever. Taylor Swift is predictable and rapidly getting old. The country singer recently ended her Summer relationship with young, Conor Kennedy and she seems to be taking quite well. However, I won’t be surprised if we hear some ballad insinuating her relationship the 18 year old Kennedy lad.

I won’t be surprised either when I won’t hear a song on how she was sleeping with both Conor Kennedy and his cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger. We probably won’t be hearing any songs about her being obsessed on being a Kennedy wife. Taylor Swift is a one trick pony and a trick and that’s the only reason she has like a hundred songs about 100 different men. “Get a life, Taylor or write a song about a life!

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Nicki Minaj made a guest appearance this morning on ‘Good Morning America’. However, she ended up revealing more of herself than even she hoped for.

The much talked about Minaj was wearing a very low cut top that gave the East coast viewers a shocking surprise. During her LIVE performance she had a wardrobe malfunction that exposed her left nipple. The show has yet to air on the West Coast, giving ABC a chance to edit out the nipple slippage.

So will this blow up the same way it did for poor Janet Jackson during her Super Bowl performance? Or will it be left alone and swept under the rug?