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Naturally, James Franco wouldn’t miss the 69th Venice Film Festival for the world. The charming and talented actor arrived to Venice looking sexier than ever. James Franco was dressed very casually but looked real good and super excited like most stars did that made their way to Venice for this extraordinary event. “The Green Hornet” actor was delighted to be there. James Franco dabbles with all kinds of performing arts and likes to take up controversial and off beat roles in films. Certainly, James Franco has a lot of projects for 2013.

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Lecrae Moore is a 32 year old Christian rapper who gave his life to God at the age of 19 after being encouraged to attend a Christian conference. At the conference he heard James G. White speak and it changed his life and cause him to become passionate for Christianity. He was then led to writing out his own personal testimony and passed it out across the University of North Texas campus. Since then, he went on to co-found Reach Records, and released his first album, called “Real Talk” at the age of 25.  Lecrae’s latest album release is Rehab: The Overdose which was released on last year on January 11,2011. Aside from his solo music career Lecrae is also a member of 116 Clique which is a rap group and is known for doing many collaborations with them. Below you will find additional album information along with all Lecrae’s nominations and awards listed by Wikipedia. Read: How Katy Perry went from a sheltered Christian childhood to a platinum star.

2005: Real Talk
2006: After the Music Stops
2008: Rebel
2010: Rehab
2011: Rehab: The Overdose

Awards and achievements 

Nominated for Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year and Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year for the 2011 42nd Annual GMA Dove Awards
Nominated for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards for “Rehab” in 2010
Won Best Hip-Hop Music Video for GMC Music Video Awards
Nominated for BEST RAP/HIP HOP ALBUM for 2009 GMA Dove Awards
Nominated for BEST RAP/HIP HOP ALBUM for 2007 GMA Dove Awards
Nominated for BEST RAP/HIP HOP RECORDED SONG for 2007 GMA Dove Awards
Won Best Male Artist for 2006 by Rapzilla
Won Best Album for 2006 by Rapzilla
Won Best Song for 2006 by Rapzilla
Won Best Music Video for 2006 by Rapzilla
Won Best Album Cover for 2006 by Rapzilla

I’m sure most of you recall the gossip that spread about Lindsay Lohan posing for Playboy. I’m not sure about you but this news had shocked me  because I couldn’t imagine people wanting to pay to see her skin and bones naked. Well as you may have heard the much talked about Playboy spread has been leaked all over the net for the world to see for free.

Let me say that technology is amazing! They did all sorts of airbrushing I’m sure. They gave her a great looking booty that I really don’t believe is hers and her tits look great. However, Lindsay’s face is still so aged and just not what it used to be. I mean seriously she’s only 25v years old yet at times she looks closer to 50. This drug,sex, party life she’s been living has done her no justice. She went from being a loved Disney star with beauty and grace to becoming a real disgrace to mankind.

I’ll admit that most reports that have been coming in are looking in her favor. She really seems to be trying or at least she’s putting on a good front. She’s doing her community hours, switching up her style and hopefully  fixing her yellow decayed teeth. I just got word that Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy pictures might not make the cut. RadarOnline found out that Lindsay Lohan had to do a second Playboy photo-shoot because the first set just wasn’t good enough for him. Check out what else they had to say below.

The 25-year-old troubled starlet had to strip down to nothing for a second time for Hugh Hefner’s iconic men’s magazine when the Playboy execs weren’t happy with her first set of photos, but the second time was a charm.
“The pictures Lindsay took last week are much better than the first set,” a source exclusively told RadarOnline.com.
“The final decision gets made by Hef on which pictures go in the magazine,” the source said. … “There is never a guarantee that everyone will like the photos or that they will be of high enough quality to use for the cover.”

There’s plenty to expect for Dexter: Season 7, especially since the very shocking ending on Dexter Season 6, where “Deb” (Jennifer Carpenter,) Dexter’s (Michael C.Hall) adoptive sister catches him as he puts a knife through saran wrapped, Dooms Day Killers chest, played by guest star (Colin Hanks).

Also, its been confirmed that we have an 8th Season to look forward to. The series producers have said that they’re going to be initiating a story-arc from Season 6 that will continue until the very finale of the series that we’ve come to love. We got two more years, of America’s favorite serial killer, but what will happen after Deb’s insane revelation? Watching her brother, her “adoptive brother” she’s known all her life commit murder

First off, remember in Season 6 when Dexter gave her advice and told her sometimes you just have to keep things to yourself (it was something along those lines) because you owe it to certain people? She followed it when thinking about reopening and continuing to investigate a case that would harm long time friend of the family and Chief of Police.

She is also in love with Dexter, though I don’t think the following season is really going to concentrate on Deb’s love interest with Dexter when there’s so much more. I suppose that was done for shock value and it worked.

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So, is Dexter going to kill Deb? Doubtful. Is she going to rat him out? Doubtful. Is he going to tell her everything about his dark passenger? Possible. There’s so much she’s going to want to know, so much he’s going have to explain. How are they going to act in front of people if indeed she finds out about everything?

The entire Dexter Series has been leading to Dexter Season 6 finale, there’s been so many times that Deb has been on the brink of finding out and finally it  has come full circle. Now Dexter Season 7 is going to be all about the aftermath of the Dooms Day Killer and Deb’s new-found knowledge. Surely its going to be emotionally packed with a couple of good kills here and there.

There’ also, creepy, “Louis“- “Masuka‘s” intern. Like what the hell is up with him? They really left that entirely to our imaginations. What’s his motive? Is he just obsessed with Dexter, or does he want to hurt Dexter in some way because Dexter dissed his video game idea? We’ll soon find out, when Dexter finds the arm of the Ice Truck Killers’ first victim, with the different color nail polish in her severed limb.

Surely Dexter Season 7 is going to be filled with confessions, more revelations, more kills and more twists. Tune in for more news on Dexter Season 7 2012 here on Celeb Source Blog!


Jessica-Jane Clement is a British glamour model, actress and TV presenter who is best known for starring in the BBC programme The Real Hustle. She was born in England on February 24,1985 making her 26 years old. She is engaged to hairdresser Lee Stafford.

This beauty has cause quiet a uproar and has become one of the top 10 googled names of 2011. Honestly, I had never heard of her, but after seeing her pictures it’s clear why she has become such a fav. She’s a dark haired, light eyed, tan skinned beauty, that walks on the wild side with large tattoos adding to her sex appeal. She was most recently photographed at the Margin Call premiere, wearing a scarlet dress with cut outs that showed extra inches of skin, yet remaining classy.

While walking the red carpet she showed off her latest tattoo. Back in December she tattooed a ‘maneki neko’ on her right calf. ‘Maneki Neko’ in Japanese stands for ‘Beckoning Cat’. They were originally used for good-luck, store owners would put one in the front of the store to bring in customers and good fortune. The tattoo is surrounded with flowers that match the one she has tattooed on her shoulder and the cat is holding a gold coin which is said to be worth ten million ryou. Want more celebrity news check out Victoria Beckham.

Michael C. Hall, America’s favorite serial killer and star of Dexter the hit Showtime series was married to Jennifer Carpenter who also happens to be in the series and play’s Dexter’s adoptive sister. In 2008 the off screen love birds eloped on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, 2 years later they got a divorced after Michael C. Hall cheated with Julia Stiles guest starred in Dexter Season 5.

Jennifer Carpenter was by Michael C. Hall‘s side as he battled “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,” (It’s Cancer) as a good wife should and after he allegedly cheated she felt utterly betrayed.  There were even orange juiceors that set on Season 6 on Dexter was very awkward due to her snips at Michael C. Hall. Either way Season 6 was triumphant to say the least.

Now it seems as the estranged and divorced couple are patching things up as they were seen dining together in what seem a romantic dinner as the spot was dimly lit and they held hands. At some point an eyewitness says: “At one point, Michael leaned across the table and he and Jennifer kissed — a make-out kind of kiss, not a friendly one. They both looked really happy.”

Nothing is yet set in concrete but I would love seeing these two patching things up. I love Dexter and I think they are both magnificent actors that happen to make a lovely couple.

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Ironically enough (SPOILER ALERT) You may not want to proceed reading this if you haven’t finished watched Dexter Season 6. Anyway, ironically enough, “Deb” (Jennifer Carpenter) after a series of counseling sessions realizes that she is in love with Dexter (her brother.) Well, he was adopted, so no , still kind of weird but kind of awesome just the same.

Here’s a clip of Dexter Season 6 where Deb realizes she’s in love with Dexter:

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It seems like the long time blissful couple, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have broken up or so it seems according to close sources. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been together for 13 years and are the parents of two children: Lily Rose and Jack. They’ve been living a rather peaceful life for years snugged away from all the spotlight in France at the calm French hamlet of Plan-de-la-Tour.

But that cozy time away from the media is over as the couple mostly resides in Los Angeles and that’s if they’re even in the same city at all. The couple have not appeared at any red carpet events by each others’ side for over a year now.

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Insiders say that the couple is officially over, but neither Johnny Depp or Vanessa Paradis have confirmed it as official. Insiders say it’s real bad between them and they have call it quits.

I bet many gals are super excited about the news, but it’s actually pretty sad and it sucks. He is a bad ass actor that everyone loves and he seemed to have the perfect balance of career and family. She’s equally lovely and they complemented each other and now it’s over after nearly 14 years and that’s how the cookie corange juicebles. I find it so depressing…

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