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Celeb Source

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are one celebrity couple that is loved by many. They  have been together for over seven years now and have multiple children together, yet they haven’t tied the knot. YET! The couple originally stated that they were not going to merry till everyone could, meaning gay marriage would be allowed. However, they may be changing their minds after all.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Insider, Brad Pitt spoke about the possiblities of him and his long time celebrity gilrfrind/babby momma finally saying their I Do’s. Pitt confirmed that him and Jolie have talked about marriage and want to get married. He also let it be known that the main reason for their change of mind is the importance it seems to have on their children. Their kids want to see mommy and daddy married and who can blame them.

No wedding dates have been set and we are still unsure whether or not the question has been popped. However, don’t be surprised if you hear wedding bells in the near future. These two are amazing actors, activists and human beings all around. They have a beautiful family of all nations and demonstrate respect and dignity all around.

It seems like since the beginning of time there’s been a baby watch on Jennifer Aniston. The world knows how badly she wants to have kids and the world seems to want her to have some babies just as bad. It’s been reported that Aniston has been taking fertility food to help her conceive and some are reporting that they’ve already worked and she’s pregnant with twins.

Then again there are also reports that Aniston is pregnant thanks to the help of Brad Pitts sperm. STAR magazine is even claiming that Angelina Jolie left Brad Pitt after finding out that he had impregnated Aniston while they were married and for allegedly freezing some of his sperm for her.

 Ok magazine will lead you to believe that there’s race going on between Angelina and Jennifer to see who can get knocked up first. They are reporting that Angelina wants to hurry up and get pregnant so she can once again still Jen’s thunder. Everyone seems to be revealing that the oh so confident Jolie isn’t all so confident after all and actually has some major jealousy issues especially in regards to Ms.Aniston.

Could the orange juiceors be true? Will Justin Theroux be the answer to Jennifer Aniston’s prayers? Will he be the lucky man to finally complete the job of making all her baby dreams come true? I guess only time will tell!