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Tori Amos the amazing songstress and musician, known for her controversial lyrics and exquisite piano playing expertise recently sat down with Brooke of CNN on an exclusive interview in which Tori Amos described herself as “A Classic Car” when asked about her being older (now well into her 40′s) and “Little Earthquakes,” her debut album now being 20 years old, which so very hard believe. Tori Amos also, said she doesn’t feel pressured to keep up with young girls anymore.

She mentioned that though women her age are not physically “perfect” they have much more to offer across the board regarding life and other issues. Tori Amos was as peachy as ever expressing her love for playing life. In fact she says she doesn’t play the piano, the piano plays her. As if the instorange juiceent takes upon a life of it’s own and becomes a vehicle for self expression for the singer.

Tori Amos continues to be mesmerizing, her music though different from her earlier days is still magical but with much more wisdom. She’s a true role model for women of all ages and a work of art all around. A truly, authentic, “Classic Car.”

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