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Who is Stacey Dash ~ Stacey Dash is both a film and television actress known more for her gorgeous looks and clear green eyes then her acting skills. Dash first began her acting career in 1982 in a televised NBC TV-Movie titled Farrell for the People. She has since appeared in 17 televised shows of which she had a continuous role in four of the seventeen, with the most recent being the 2011 hit VH1 series ‘Single Ladies’. She has also stared in 26 films including films such as Mo Money, Clueless, View From The Top, and many more.

Single Ladies is Stacey Dash’s most recent project in which she played the character Val in the VH1 hit series. The show focused around the lives of three best friends who are strong-minded, beautiful, independent, and loving through life’s love circles. Val is a success store owner who has a “good girl” imagine and is looking for that perfect love. Unfortunately, it was reported earlier this month that Dash will not be signing on to season 2. It was reported that her decision was based off of the need for her to be home with her children. The show is shot in Atlanta while Dash resides in LA.

Dash has since been nominated as one of Hollywood’s sexiest and most beautiful women over the age of 40. Stacey Dash was born on January 20,1966 making her 45 years old. While she may be close to 50 she still doesn’t look a day over 30! Dash actual posed nude for Playboy at the age of 40 and has appeared in several music videos due to her neck breaking good looks.

Stacey Dash was married to actor Emmanuel Xuereb. She filed for divorce back in January of 2010 and reported that he had in fact beaten her several times during their short marriage. Her divorced was finally granted last week by an LA County Superior Court judge. Making her a successful, gorgeous Hollywood cougar bachelorette!