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Rogue River is an Indie/Low Budget Horror gem. Starring: Michelle Laone Page, Art Alexakis and Chris Coy. Directed by, Jourdan McClure and written by Kevin Haskin, Ryan Finnerty.

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I just saw this movie just the other night and though I wasn’t expecting much from it, I got a lot more than I ever bargained for. When I read the description of the movie, it sounded pretty typical for a Horror movie- Pretty girl in the middle of nowhere gets kid napped by crazy lunatics. Well, all that may be true, but the twist was totally unexpected. The violent scenes were few and far between but there was a good built up and once they came they were executed rather well.

I don’t want to give much out- since it’s not a unique movie- 100%. Certainly has been done before, but performances across the board of the small cast were great. The uous twist will make you sick to your stomach and you will feel nothing but utter dread for “Mara” played by Michelle Laone Page. The ending is most shocking as well. This girl is a very talented actress, very beautiful and I sure hope to see her in more roles in the upcoming future.

A young woman in the wake of mourning her father’s death takes off to Rogue River in Oregon where she wants to spread her father’s ashes in the river where she use to go with her dad as girl on hunting and hiking trips. A stranger (older man) comes along and asks her not to pollute. After a tiff they start talking and he accompanies her back to her car in which she realizes it’s gone. Supposedly, the car has been tolled and naturally she can’t get signal on her cell phone because she’s in the middle of nowhere. The helpful stranger offers her a ride to his house in which she can a make a phone call. She arrives to the house and is greeted by “stranger’s” “wife” and invited to stay over for dinner and spend the night until the next morning. Things start getting pretty weird during dinner and proceeds to get even worse as she realizes she’s in the house of a couple of psychos.

The movie has one or two plot holes, but still a good watch. It’s only approximately 77 minutes long. But the twist and the acting make it all worth it. If you like a good, Horror movie, check out Rogue River (2012).