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Michelle Monaghan Talks About Skin Cancer With Health Magazine November 2011. Monaghan did have a health scare several years back. Actually her husband, Peter White, saved her life when he noticed a black spot on her leg. Monaghan tells the magazine, “I had a mole on the back of my calf, and he was adamant that I get it checked. I finally went, and it was skin cancer. I had quite the chunk taken out of my leg. I’m so grateful he noticed it.”

The actress is completely clear of the melanoma cancer and she jokingly told the magazine, “I clearly now realize he has a keen eye and wonder what other imperfections he’s noticing!” It is definitely a good thing that her husband had noticed that mole, because her could have been in greater risk if the skin cancer would have spread around.

During her interview with the magazine Monaghan also discussed over topics such as how she stays in shape, what part of her body she proudest of, cosmetic surgery and much more. For the ways she stays in shape she told the magazine, “I do squats, lunges, strength training. I ran a half-marathon in April with my cousins, mom, and aunts. It was amazing. After that, we had big plans to do the Chicago Marathon, but two weeks later, we were asking, “Are we really going to do it, or were we just on a runner’s high?” I haven’t run since!”

Monaghan states that she is proud of the muscles she has developed on her arms from working out, “I have nice muscle tone in my arms. I can’t really take credit for it, though all the members of my family do. A lot of arm wrestling happened in our family growing up!”

Cosmetic surgery is not really on this actress to do list. She isn’t against it, but she isn’t for it either. Monaghan tells, “I don’t think it’s for me. The acting that I respect is about conveying emotion without really speaking. I’m not saying I jump for joy when I see new laugh lines, but I would try every possible recourse before going under the knife.” She is pretty much going to use creams and such to keep herself looking as young as possible.

Monaghan’s problem area is her buttocks and thigh area; which is a very common problematic area for a lot of women. She tells, “The old bum and thigh area. I hope most women agree with me! Keeping it toned, dealing with cellulite. I hate when I feel it move after me.”