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Since “Dear Heather” in 2004. Mr. Leonard Cohen hasn’t released any new work. But he’s the type of artist, musician and lyricist one will endure the wait for because he always comes back with masterpieces, gems, treasure. Never has their been a man that can conjure up the most beautiful yet disturbing, sad and moving words.

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Obviously, I can’t verbalize this a la Leonard Cohen because he’s robbed the universe of all the beautiful word combinations whether they are to express love, pain, redemption, hate, political views, religion and desire. He’s nailed it all down to beautiful word configurations that will leave you spinning in awe.

Leonard Cohen can break hearts as well as mend them with the same exact hurtful but beautiful words. Now at 77 years old, Leonard Cohen in his latest album “Old Ideas” he’s mainly singing about memories, things he’s not yet resolved but still ponders about and mortality. In his songs as always he might as well be talking to God himself or some almighty force.

He recently hosted a listening party at a pub in Manhattan. Leonard Cohen is described as looking slender with “impeccable posture.”

In this latest album “Old Ideas” he features, many string instorange juiceents such as violins, slide guita, the torange juicepet and light brushed guitars. It seems as though he’s been dabbling with the Blues, and who better than to dabble with “The Blues” than Leonard Cohen. He’s always been more folk-ish, but Blues is right up that alley. With his husky, intoxicating voice and enchanting lyrics, this will surely also become a great classic.

Leonard Cohen
stated, regarding touring and working with other artists: “I was able to connect, for one thing, with living musicians. I was working at home with just keyboards and my own guitar. Suddenly I was dealing with living musicians and then with living audiences and, yes, it did have a great effect. And I think it warmed some part of my heart that had taken on a chill.”

Well, I’m glad his heart isn’t icey frost and he can give us some warmth accompanied with subjects that we all face at some point or another verbalized in ways that transcend you to another world/place. Certainly, Leonard Cohen‘s music is the kind that just moves you, whether you want to be moved or not…