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It’s seems just when we thought we’d never hear of the awful 70′s, 80′s and early 90′s soft Rock Band, “Journey,” Neal Schon is back like a bat with his new sweetheart, Michaele Salahi, model and socialite. Apparently the couple want to show off their love to the world through a music video that will premiere on Valentines Day featuring the couple very much in love as they kiss on the sand. It seems very much like they’re doing a remake Chris Isaak‘s “Wicked Game.” Only Neal Schon will never be as sexy, dreamy and seductive as Chris Isaak was. 20 years later and Chris Isaak is a perfect heart throb unlike any member of Journey.

Meanwhile, Neal Schon and anything that has to do with Journey will be forever tacky! This is an abomination, yet another reason to hate Valentines Day. These two dorks fall in love and Journey is back in the 21st century mimicking one the hottest videos of the 80′s. It’s an abomination! The title of the song is “Resonate” and with good reason how will people “resonate” to this blasphemous trash?

Clearly, I’m not a fan of Journey. I was never able to stomach the tacky dudes with their cheesy love, Rock ballads. I can stomach them even less now with this new “Resonate” song on Valentine’s Day with some socialite, hot blonde that I have no idea who she is. I bet she’s just happy to be starting in a video that looks like Chris Isaak’s- “Wicked Game.”

For all of you who do like Journey, knock yourselves out on Valentines Day with their new, barf, single “Resonate.” The entire band was cool with this hideous idea that Neal Shon likes to call “Michaele and Neal’s love story.” The video was shot in San Francisco and Los Angeles over the last few months and you’ll see the finish product on lover’s day; Journey‘s gift to the world.

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