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Fiona Apple is an extraordinaire singer, composer and musician that emerged into the Alternative/Female Vocalists scene in the late 90′s. Her first hit /single in 1996: “Criminal” from her debut album titled “Tidal” received much recognition from her racy video which captured the big blue eyed beauty with a fragile physique looking rather sadistic.

She proceeded to her following album in 1999 titled “When The Pawn…” and then years later her 3rd and very last album “Extraordinary Machine.” Since then she’s never released any more new music. However, the songstress has remained in the loop for the last two decades with a steady, cult fan base. It’s no wonder fans are going wild about the possibility of Fiona Apple releasing a new album with new songs this year.

Fiona Apple though gorgeous seems extremely introverted and private and I feel as though these characteristics in her have incapacitated her from doing any further work. Not to mention that her racy hit, “Criminal” received mixed reviews, such as implications that she was using sexuality to get attention, when in fact, she’s the complete opposite. She can’t help that’s she’s utterly breathtakingly, gorgeous.

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Her second album in 1999 received mixed reviews in it’s entirety and we didn’t hear much more from this beauty until 2005 when she released her 3rd and final album and quickly vanished from the face of the Earth once again. And now yet again after so many years she resurfaces.

I sure hope Fiona Apple has New Album for 2012. I always felt that she was very unique and her voice doesn’t match her physique. It’s completely contradictory making her so mysterious and she’s continue to hold this mystique throughout the last 20 years. I’m sure anything she’s worked on is good at the very least.

Fans certainly can’t wait for some new music from this amazing songstress that always seems to leave us in awe as she dashes out of the lime light without a word.

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