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It’s not a secret that Demi Moore hasn’t been her lovely self since the revelation of her ex: Ashton Kutcher‘s indiscretions and later announcing that she’s divorcing him. She was already ultra thin but she’s gone over board into looking skeletal and very ill.

According to sources Demi Moore suffered from an epileptic seizure Monday night and was rushed to the hospital shortly after. Now she’s being treated for various conditions: The seizure, Anorexia and substance abuse. Anorexia can cause many serious ailments such as seizures especially if combined with substance abuse.

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No word on what substance she’s abusing per se. In fact, the details of her seizure are vague as a rep of Demi Moore says she’s entered rehab for “exhaustion.” However, others close to the starlet beg to differ.

Heart break is rough and she’s handled it pretty well, but everyone has their breaking point. The good thing is that she is seeking professional health care. A shame that there’s no cure for heartbreak other than time.

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