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Howard Stern Show: David Arquette Dating “ET” Reporter is what everyone is talking about. David Arquette On Howard Stern loves making appearances and talking about things that he might not should say on live radio. Regardless Arquette let it be known that he has a new love interest in his life, even though it has been reported that he and his estranged wife, Courteney Cox, might be getting back together soon.

Stern asked Arquette if he was still hoping for reconciliation for his estranged wife and what does he think about their relationship right now. Arquette replied, “I’m not; we’re in the friend zone now.” Even though they are not together at the moment Courteney and their daughter still attend and cheer during his “Dancing with the Stars” performances.

After being asked several times by Stern if there is a possibility of another woman in his life; Arquette finally broke his silence and stated that he is currently dating Christina McLarty, a reporter for “Entertainment Tonight.”

Arquette goes on to say, “She’s adorable. I’m not one to run around with different girls. I like someone that makes me feel good and that I can make feel good. “He also stated that the two have been seeing each other since a boat party this past summer. McLarty was once engaged to Joe Francis, creator of “Girls Gone Wild.”

Arquette and McLarty will be trying to maintain a long distance relationship due to Arquette living in Los Angeles and McLarty lives in New York. Arquette also mentioned, “We try to see each other as much as possible.”

Other topics during the interview were if Arquette was attracted to his dance partner, Kym Johnson. Stern continued to press on the subject and asking if Arquette found his partner attractive and if he would bang her. Arquette just said he does think that she is beautiful but he will not bang her. He wants to keep things professional and he is doing the show so he could learn how to dance. He has been practicing extremely hard and he wants to dance.

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