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Charlie Sheen Talks About His Crazy Antics On “The Today Show”. It has been around six months since Sheen was officially fired from “Two and a Half Men.” During an interview with Matt Lauer, Sheen talks about how he truly thought that he was going to be offered his job back on the show and how he wants people to realize that what he was going through acting all crazy was just a phase. He is supposedly back to his normal stuff and he is happy.

Sheen talks about him being offered back his spot on the show, he begins stating, and “I thought when I was still doing my tour that there was a shot. Regardless of how I felt about some of the people, or how it went wrong, or why it went wrong, I still wanted to have some measure of closure with the show. That’s the part that really hurt the most, was not feeling like I could ever really finish it, just cut off, right in the middle.”

This is a great example of how he was just not in his right state of mind. A person cannot talk publically bad about the person they are working for and expect to still have a job. Sheen should have kept his mouth shut and continued on working. Let this be a lesson to him and anyone who is reading this.

He continues on, “I thought for sure that, ‘oh they can’t do this without me.’ I mean come on, you know the show’s about this guy … they create a show about a guy who was a partier, that guy starts partying and gets fired. It’s like, make up your minds, people.”

Sheen reputation will never be the same. He will always be referred to the guy who slept with hookers and adult porn stars, and the guy who went completely crazy for a year. Sheen gives his thoughts about how he feels about his reputation, “I think it’s important that people see that I see and I feel that that was just one crazy chapter, one weird phase, and that I was this guy before it started and I can be that guy again afterwards, you know.”

Sheen thinks that certain phases he used such as “winning” and “tiger blood” was good for the fans that he created for himself. “I think if we surveyed the business side of things, people might still be wanting some proof that things are cool, but um, the fanfare that it created was pretty crazy and still exists to this day. I still hear, you know, winning, and tiger blood and all that stuff as I’m walking down the street. I think the winning slogan was important though, because um, because it gave people a chance to just feel something different, to just feel victorious, whether it was real or imagined, you know.”