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Leona Lewis has been on that party tip for a long time now as it seems as if she isn’t going to stop any time soon. Lewis has been going out to clubs almost every night and she is pretty much going by herself which is a sad thing. Maybe the talented singer believes that she can meet a man in the clubs of London, England. The latest party place she went to was the Rose Bar and she seemed to have enjoyed herself. Take a look @leonalewismusic which is her personal Twitter account to see what kinds of tweets she produces. Continue reading more celebrity gossip on Kate Hudson Looks Fabulous In White.

Recently Hannah Montana future Ms. Hemsworth just decided that she would cut her haircut. Beloved followers everywhere met the decision with frustration. The update flew through the social media world as Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus shared the self pics of her newly trimmed haircut. Hollywood hair guru hairstylist Chris McMillan labored over the deed of styling her hair to short length. All while he maintained Ms. Miley Cyrus’ youthful feel. Everyone guessed her arrangements for her upcoming wedding with Long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth taking in account her new haircut. But for sure both Billy Ray Cyrus and her husband to be sincerely loved her short haircut. The photo is courtesy of Twitter- via @MileyCyrus.

Engaged Miley Cyrus determined to traumatism the social media world when she uploaded a new gallery of photos of herself with her hair cut off. Cyrus had Hollywood hairstylist Chris McMillan shave all of her hair off and she enjoys every single moment of attention that is coming her way. She tries her best to shed away from the Hannah Montana star that many viewers see her as. Tons of fans are definitely hoping that she has plans on putting extensions for her upcoming wedding though, because that shaved head look is not cute for a wedding. Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus’ future husband has to be totally in love with her as that short haircut is isn’t that cute on her. The image is courtesy of Twitter.

Katy Perry has a star over night as a pop artist. Since 2007, she has been making high ranking tracks over and over again. The incredible lady also has a movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” in 3D, that will be released for July 5th. Katy Perry is a business woman at heart that cannot be stopped as she now takes the label of being a key player in the industry. Ms. Katy Perry revealed to press that she plans to start her recording company, but it does not have a name for it yet. She tells, “I’m going to try and avoid the things that take away any fighting chance for an artist to have financial success. As people are coming to me with opportunities, I’m thinking, ‘How would I want to be treated?’ ” She is talking the same path as a couple of other impressive recording artists as Prince who started Paisley Records in 1985.

Alec Baldwin was joyously exiting the New York Court House when a Photo Taker set about flashing pictures of Mr. Alec Baldwin & his wife to be- HilariaThomas. They had gone to New York Federal Building to acquire a permit to get hitched.

It appears that Mr. Alec Baldwin thought that his joyful & personal day with his cherished wife to be was being tainted by a curious Photographer for NY Daily News. Mr. Alec Baldwin commenced cursing at the photo taker & then decided to hit the photographer. Obviously, Mr. Alec Baldwin has quite the temper. Magazine Photographers should remain far away from ALEC BALDWIN & bride to be HilariaThomas.

Earlier this week a body was discovered in a pool in CA and that body was of Mr. King. It’s reported broadcast that he deceased from drowning. King is well-known by next door neighbors to take after hours skinny dipping as they can the noises of him splashing around.

Mr. King’s girlfriend is the one who located her fiancés dead body and telephoned the police. Capt. Randy De Anda handling the case has told press that Rodney King was just in the backyard private pool for around a couple of minutes right before he accidently drowned. There was no narcotics or orange juice was identify at the location, but is not ruled out. King is famous for being the African American man who was horribly beaten by several Caucasian law enforcement officials in LA, Cali which caused the most devastating race riots the United States has ever had.


Several days ago Jack Osbourne told press that he has been said to have multiple sclerosis. The report is tragic because he was given the diagnosis of this disease just two weeks from the birth of his little baby girl. Press has been told that Jack Osbourne indentified his incurable disease around March.  Osbourne revealed to People mag, “I was just angry and frustrated and kept thinking, ‘Why now?’ I’ve got a family and that’s what’s supposed to be the most important thing.” Mr. Jack Osbourne is twenty six years old, and MD professionals have articulated that a lot of individuals are indentified with multiple sclerosis in the age range of twenty to fifty years old.  Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that generally attacks the CNS aka central nervous system. Individuals with this disease can have a vision lost, numbness in the limbs and even paralysis. Doctors have expressed that with the correct treatment Jack Osbourne can live a normal life with several good years.