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First off, these are not terrible spoilers that will ruin Season 2 for you. Basically, FX American Horror Story is going through some configurations. As you all may well know, Vivien  Harmon and most of the Harmon family. The only survivor of the Harmon Family is Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott.) However, Dylan McDermot will not return to American Horror Story as a regular.

The second season will most likely have a brand new home or building that is haunted. According to Ryan Murphy: “It will also have a new overriding theme… and a different cast of characters.

Honestly, being a die hard fan of the show, even though it’s a fairly new series with only one season completed, the characters on the first season had some much presence, so much personality that I hate to see them go.

However, Ryan Murphy says some characters will return, but will be paying completely different characters. Ryan Murphy, one of the writer and creators of the series says, “there will be familiar faces and some new faces.” [But they will be] playing completely different creatures and monsters… People that are coming back will be playing completely new characters.” Wow! That’s really something else. Will Tate still be Tate?

Unfortunately, these spoilers are really not good ones and the news is bitter sweet. I sure hope Evan Peters and Jessica Lange come through for a 2nd season. But that hasn’t been discussed either.

In February there’s going to be an announcement that will unveil the new cast as well as the story line. I honestly can’t wait! Tune into Celebrity Source Blog for more upcoming news on FX’s American Horror Story.

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